For my job and for fun, I go hiking in a lot of pretty amazing places in the eastern Mediterranean region. Soon, there will be some photos here from some of the better outings.

The edge of the Negev, end of summer; dusty and dry: Northern Negev, Israel, Oct. 2013
High mountain shrines, olive trees, and unexcavated Roman cities: Jenin Region, Palestine, Nov. 2013
Legendary desert vistas, Nabatean ghosts, and the kingdom of Edom: Petra to Wadi Rum, Jordan, Dec. 2013
Rollercoaster through geological and climate zones, one of Jordan's classic treks: Dana to Petra, Jordan, Jan. 2014
Wild Negev scenery, up and down the walls of canyons and craters: Craters Trek, Israel, Feb. 2014
The greenest of these albums; Hellenistic ruins and mountain villages in spring: Mt. Nemrut Circuit, Turkey, Apr. 2014
The crowning jewel of Middle Eastern scenery; also, getting to know camels: Sinai Peninsula: Gulf of Aqaba to the Highest Peak in Egypt, Nov. 2014
Toughest backpacking trip of my life to date: Al-Gardud Plateau, Sinai, Egypt, Feb. 2015